The 1000 Sticker Bible Storybook

This perfect bring-along sticker book is sure to be a favorite activity for kids.

Featuring more than 1,000 stickers and cute, colorful illustrations, there are plenty of opportunities to make timeless Bible stories stick with this interactive Sticker Bible Storybook.

4 reasons why you should acquire this title

  • Sold 8.000+ copies and counting…
  • Brand New title with very popular illustrator
  • Good cost-value ratio. High perceived value due to the big size and more than 1,000 stickers. With the low cost, it makes price strategy easier with either big margin and/or low retail price.
  • Stickers are very popular for age group (3-5)
  • Flap with velcro closure makes it exclusive and easy to use

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Sticker Bible storybook makes for great you’n’me time

With a bible story told at eye level and illustrated so cute, kids will love to find missing items waiting to be put in place. Children can search out the matching stickers and place them unto their spot on scenes of the Bible story.

All the stickers are placed in the end of the book. Picking and placing stickers will help children develop dexterity while they play and learn more about their favorite Bible heroes including Moses, Noah and of course Jesus.

  • Develops dexterity
  • Ideal storytime-read
  • Great bring-along activity
  • High value for money – much time is spend on each page.
Specifications: ISBN: 9788772030128 • Age: 3-5 • 48 pages • Size (WxH): 216 x 280 mm • Full color on all pages • Illustrated by Sandrine L’amour • Softcover with flap and velcro closure • Spot UV varnish effect on cover • Suggested retail price: US $12.99
List of countries where The 1000 Sticker Bible Storybook has been sold so far:
Italy, Spain, Taiwan.

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