Bible Stories for Brave Boys and Girls

Tween Bible Story Books specifically tailored towards boys or girls


The two titles in this Tween Bible series are aimed specifically at boys or girls and differ in choice of stories, illustrations, text, and layout. Both titles have chronological outlines giving young readers a better understanding of the linear order of the Bible.

Must-have for brave pre-teens – and those in the making!
With a strong focus on how faith is put into brave actions, each Biblical character is introduced with cool fact-spreads including features like their milestones, nice-to-know historical facts and relevant questions to reflect on.

Tween Bible story Books – aimed at strong target group

  • Sold 77.000+ copies and counting…
  • Tailored towards tweens giving a strong target group with good volume.
  • Questions, facts and introductions to each character provide insights that regular children’s Bibles don’t have.
  • Bestselling illustrator Gustavo Mazali.

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Exciting bible story Books that tweens will want to read

Get a glimpse of crucial points in the inspiring lives of Ruth, Esther, and Mary or follow the struggles and victories of Joseph, David, and many others. In this series, tweens get to study the lives of courageous characters from Scripture to find their own favorite role-model. With questions to consider the readers are engaged in the story – a great way to encourage pre-teens to learn form and apply what they have read.

  • Excellent gift idea for tweens
  • Kids will enjoy that both artwork and the recount of the classic stories suit their age-group
  • By encouraging readers that the principles and faith of the brave, biblical characters can be learned. As a result, these books qualify as children’s Bibles and not just biblical books.

Bible Stories for Brave Boys
ISBN: 9788772030289 (hardcover) • ISBN: 9788772030302 (softcover)

Bible Stories for Brave Girls
ISBN: 9788772030296 (hardcover) • ISBN: 9788772030319 (softcover)

Age: 7-11 • Pages: 304 • Size (WxH): 160 x 190 mm • Full color • Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali • Author: Vanessa Caroll • Hardcover or softcover • Suggested retail price: US $16.99 (softcover) • Suggested retail price: US $19.99 (hardcover) 

List of countries where Bible Stories for Brave Boys and Girls have been sold so far:
France, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Poland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, USA, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom.

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