The Contemporary Bible Series

The Contemporary Bible series covers the most essential stories and teachings of the Bible. Colorful and dramatically illustrated, the new series gives children an opportunity to experience inspiring accounts from the Bible.

Children will love these clear and easy to read Bible stories that are true to the biblical text. 348 favorite Bible stories divided into 24 books that cover the most essential stories and teachings of the Bible. Also available with Contemporary English Version.

Flip through  volume 8 – “Jesus and His Early Ministry” – click below:

List of books in the series:

  • Noah and the People of Faith
  • Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt
  • Moses and the People of God
  • Joshua and the Promised Land
  • Gideon and the Times of the Judges
  • David and the Kingdom of Israel
  • Elijah and the Great Prophets
  • Jesus and His Early Ministry
  • Jesus Teaches His Disciples
  • Jesus Makes Miracles and Heals People
  • Jesus is Risen
  • Paul and the Apostles Spread the Good News



  • Age: 6- 12
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 240 x 164 mm
  • Full colour
  • Hardcover
  • Retail price: $12.99
Copies sold: Over 87 000 copies sold of the Contemporary Bible Series.

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