Children’s Scratch Bible


New concept activity books

12 activity books that let’s users Scratch off black ink, to reveal whats underneath. This makes for a lot of fun and exciting activities, as you never know what you will find. With each book comes a scratch-pen, so that everything needed is available at all time. This makes the product idea to take along and thus gives even more reasons to purchase. It’s time to scratch your way through the Bible!

Key Selling Points

  • Affortable and practical.
  • Attention-grabbing new activity book series (will sell for its startling effect.)
  • High potential revenue with 12 titles available (users can come back for more)
  • Great combo: Exploring creativity and learning about the Bible at the same time.

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Scratch your way through the Bible!

When reading these books and going through the activities, children will work creatively with the content and therefore understand better certain aspects of the stories and valuable lessons therein. There is a reason that scratch-cards are so popular – you can’t wait to see whats underneath the scratchable layer – to see if you found the big price or found something surprising!

ISBN 9788772033891 God Creates the World
ISBN 9788772033907 Building Noah’s Ark
ISBN 9788772033914 Moses frees the slaves
ISBN 9788772033921 David and the Giant
ISBN 9788772033938 Daniel and the Lions
ISBN 9788772033945 Jonah and the Big Fish
ISBN 9788772033952 The Birth of Jesus
ISBN 9788772033969 Jesus Does Miracles
ISBN 9788772033976 The Good Samaritan
ISBN 9788772033983 Zacchaeus meets Jesus
ISBN 9788772033990 The Love of Jesus
ISBN 9788772034003 Jesus Saves the World
Age: 4+ • 22 Pages • Size: 175 x 205 mm (portrait) • Scratch activity pages on hardcover back board • Illustrators: Mike Krome, Mario Gushiken and Sandrine L’Amour • Author: Jacob Vium-Olesen • Suggested retail price: US $9.99
List of countries where Children’s Scratch Bible has been sold so far: Canada, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Spanish speaking countries, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

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These scratch books contains both scratch games such as iSpy and also scenes for coloring and decoration, alowing any creative person to personalise their book. Above can be seen some examples of ways to use the books.