Baby Bible for Baby Girls and Boys | Baby’s first Bible

Adorable, new series for Baby, presenting the Bible message in verse – short and sweet. With two titles, one for each gender, this series gives a great introduction to the Bible for the very youngest. The gentle, rhyming text is written with scriptural continuity and brings the youngest audience through key elements from the Old and the New Testament.

The covers come with special effects: boy’s edition has Spot UV and the girl’s edition is decorated with glitter. Both editions are fitted with a carry-me handle – a perfect bring-along for new pedestrians making their way from the book shelf to the armchair.

Key Selling Points

• Personalized edition for each gender
• Both handle and the cover effects enhance the perceived value
• Charming text written in verse – version without rhyme available

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The must-give gift for Babies

This new launch is aimed at families and friends of new-borns and small tots, making it easy to share and enjoy God’s Word.  A perfect gift for new-borns, first birthdays, christenings and dedications. The cute layout, rhyme and amusing illustrations make for a delightful read and lay a foundation of biblical truth in small, clear portions that are just right for babies!

Baby Bible for Baby Girls ISBN: 9788772030364
Baby Bible for Baby Boys ISBN: 9788772030357

Age: 0-2 • 8 spreads • Size (WxH): 160×160 mm • Full color • Cover effects: Spot UV (Boys) Glitter (Girls) • Illustrations: Alejandra Barba Romer • Text: Karoline Pahus Pedersen • Suggested retail price: US $7.99

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