The Illustrated New Testament

The Illustrated New Testament is available with the full CEV Bible text (Contemporary English Version), which many consider one of the easiest-to-understand Bible translations. The text is accompanied by beautiful and accurate illustrations by Spanish artist José Pérez Montero that help explain the stories for children and adults alike.

Key Selling points

  • Contains the entire New Testament Bible text
  • Revenue generating; Big children’s Bible with 512 pages
  • World-class artwork by bestselling illustrator José Pérez Montero
  • Classic and widely accepted Biblically cor­rect drawings
  • Can be typeset with any Bible translation

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It’s all there: the entire New Testament Bible text

It is our experience and claim, that with a visual New Testament, readers are more likely to open the book – read, see and understand.  And that is really the point of this title – giving the readers something that they will actually use.

Specifications: ISBN: 9788772476803 • Age: 3+ • Pages: 512 • Size: 148 x 210 mm • Full colour • Illustrator: José Pérez Montero • Hard cover • Suggested retail price: US $19.99

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