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Men and Women of the Bible - 16 volumes

The Outstanding Men of the Bible series introduces children to those people who helped mold the history of Israel and the early Church.

The Outstanding Women of the Bible presents the classic stories of young women and girls of Bible times. The books are designed to communicate a positive identity as a woman, and focusing on the unique influence that woman can have on history.

Exceptional illustrations make the books sure favorites in any family library.

Age: 6-12
Size (WxH): 210 x 275 mm
Pages: 32
Retail price: US $9.99  

Moses - God's Chosen Leader
Joseph - The Boy Who Learned to Handle His Dream
David - The Brave Shepherd Boy Who Became a Great King
Elijah - Prophet of Fire
Samuel - Judge and Prophet
Daniel - Prisoner With a Promise
Peter- The Fisher of Men
Paul - A Change of Heart
Sarah - A Woman Whose Dream Came True
Esther - A Woman Who Was As Courageous As She Was Beautiful
Ruth - A Woman Whose Loyalty Was Stronger Than Her Grief
Mary Magdalene - A Woman Who Showed Her Gratitude
Mary - An Ordinary Woman With A Special Calling
Deborah - A Woman Who Brought An Entire Nation Back to God
Hannah - A Woman Who Kept Her Promise to God
Miriam - A Woman Who Saw The Answer to Her Prayers