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Deborah - A Woman Who Brought An Entire Nation Back to God

Men and Women of the Bible Series

The majority of the Israelites had forgotten the true God, who in the past had done great miracles in order to save them from their enemies.

One woman, Deborah, was willing to set herself apart and take upon herself the spiritual leadership of her nation. God confirmed this calling by giving her gifts of prophecy and wisdom that brought spiritual renewal to Israel and enabled the Israelites to overcome their oppressors.

This book aims to show children how much influence just one person serving God can have in a world where many have forgotten who God is.

Author: Marlee Alex

Illustrator: José Pérez Montero

ISBN: 9788772475455
Age: 6-12
Size (WxH): 210 x 275 mm
Pages: 32
Retail price: US $9.99