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Hannah - A Woman Who Kept Her Promise to God

Men and Women of the Bible Series

Unable to have children, Hannah`s life becomes a misery when her husband Elkanah, as was custom at that time, takes another wife in order to raise a family. Feelings of desperation and grief overwhelm her each time Elkanah's other wife spitefully boasts of the children she has.

However, Hannah`s longing for a child is equally matched by her desire to do God`s will and be a blessing to her people. God honors her prayer of faith and she gives birth to Samuel, a man who later rose to be one of Israel's greatest spiritual leaders

It is retold by Marlee Alex. The illustrations of the Spanish artist Juan Ramon Alonso Diaz-Toledo complement the written text beautifully and bring to life visually the characters and events of this Old Testament story.

ISBN: 9788772475493
Age: 6-12
Size (WxH): 210 x 275 mm
Pages: 32
Retail price: US $9.99