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The Adventure Story Bible - 30 volumes

Here are the great stories from Adam and Eve to the apostle John’s vision of a new world all written in simple sentences and illustrated with historical accuracy.
All the great Bible characters spring to life in chronological order with Scripture verses listed for easy reference.

The series is based on extensive research and attempts to portray the characters and times of the Bible as accurately as possible.

Author: Anne de Graaf
Illustrations: José Pérez Montero

Age: 6-12
Pages: 32
Size: 160 x 240 mm
Full colour

Genesis - In The Beginning
Israel - God's Chosen People
Egypt - From Joseph to Moses
Exodus - Moses Leads the People
Desert - The Promised Land
Canaan -Soldiers of the Lord
Faith - Ruth, Job and Hannah
Samuel - Friends and Enemies
David - From Outlaw to King
Kingdom - The Fall of David
Solomon - True Wisdom
Elijah - Working Wonders
Warnings - Elisha and Isaiah
Prophets - Micah, Joel, Jonah, and Isaiah
Kings - Israel and Judah
Exile - Daniel in Babylon
Freed - The New Jerusalem
Reform - The Last Prophets
Gospel - The Early Years of Jesus
Miracles - Healing Minds and Bodies
Jesus - Following the Messiah
Ministry- Jesus Touches People
Teaching - The Greatest Commandments
Stories - Believing the Truth
Betrayed - In Jerusalem
Death - Darkness Before Dawn
Alive - A New World
Acts - The Early Church
Paul - The First Missionaries
Mission - Yesterday and Tomorrow