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100 Best Bible Stories

An essential collection of Bible stories now in one book—retold and beautifully illustrated. 

“Noah’s Ark,” “David and Goliath,” and “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” are just a few of the stories included in this exciting collection. The children are sure to be captivated by the colorful and action-packed pictures while being introduced to the main happenings in the Bible. Each story is faithful to the Bible text, yet full of warmth and joy. 

Gustavo Mazali is a well-known international illustrator. His illustrated Bibles have been sold in the millions around the world. 

ISBN: 9788771326604
Age: 4-7
Size (W x H): 155 x 180 mm
Pages: 152 pages + end papers
Full color 
Retail price: US $12.99