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God's Heroes

"Bible Activities for Bright Minds" is an exciting way to introduce your preschoolers to well-known Bible stories while engaging their minds in fun games, tricky riddles, and creative coloring. Activities and games will keep your child thinking as they digest and reflect on each story.

In God’s Heroes, learn how God talked to Moses from a burning bush and told Moses to free His people from slavery. You’ll also meet Samson, the strongest man who ever lived, Ruth and Naomi, who stuck together in hard times, and David in his courageous fight against a giant.

Illustrations: José Pérez Montero

Age: 4-7

ISBN: 9788771321463
Size (W x H): 207 x 275 mm
Pages: 24
Full color
Softcover or hardcover
Retail price: US $7.99 (hardcover) and US $5.99 (softcover)