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Bible Detective

Mini Mike is about to once again embark on a journey back in time to witness some of the most dramatic and exciting events in the Bible, and he needs a Bible Detective to come along with him.

Why? Well, for starters he is forgetful, and he needs your help to find a lot of the treasures he once found on these pages—the people he talked to, the animals he played with, and strange and intriguing things—they’re all part of the story. Are you good at spotting things, finding a clue and following it? If you are, you are about to become Mini Mike’s Bible Detective.

Text by Vanessa Carroll.
Illustrations by Jose Perez Montero.

Age: 4-7
Size (W x H): 297 x 213 mm
Pages: 16
Full color
Saddle stitches
Retail price: Hard cover USD 6.99$ / Soft Cover USD 4.99$



Looking for God's people
Looking for the Promised Land
Looking for Jesus
Looking for the first Christians