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Bible Stories for Brave Girls

With animated and lively illustrations, this Bible story book offers an exciting way for young girls to study the brave and godly women in the Bible. Get a glimpse of crucial points in the lives of inspiring women such as Ruth, Esther, Mary, and many others. 

Girls are introduced to each character in a simple and straightforward manner, and additional, good-to-know historical facts set the scene for each story. This vast and colorful cast of characters will inspire the faith of tween girls as they read about how these women, by God’s grace and love, overcame doubt and fear to do what God asked of them. With retold stories in clear-cut language, Bible Stories for Brave Girls is accessible and easy to understand for young girls who want to grow their faith.

Text: Melissa Alex
Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali

ISBN: 9788771327984 (hardcover)
ISBN: 9788771328233 (softcover)

Age: 7-11
Size (W x H): 160 x 190 mm
Pages: 304
Full color
Hardcover or softcover
Retail price: Hardcover: USD $19.99; Softcover: USD $16.99