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Kids Jigsaw Bibles

Four brand new puzzle books from Scandinavia with different themes!

Solve the puzzle

We have developed a new series of puzzle books, specially made for the youngest children!

Read about God’s Friends, God’s Heroes and see why Jesus loves children while also learning about His miracles!

All books contain four puzzles that are connected to the story.

Dig deeper

To add a new aspect to the puzzle book, we have included a study question that the child can ponder while they solve the puzzle. This will help the child to dig deeper and remember each story better!

Text by Vanessa Carroll.

Illustrations by Gustavo Mazali.

Size (WxH): 200 x 200 mm
Pages: 4 puzzles in each book
Full color
Hardcover board book
Retail price USD: $12.99



God's Friends
God's Heroes
Jesus Loves Children
Jesus Works Miracles