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The Contemporary Bible Series - 24 volumes

The Contemporary Bible series covers the most essential stories and teachings of the Bible.

Colorful and dramatically illustrated, the new series gives children an opportunity to experience inspiring accounts from the Bible.

Text: Retold by Joy Melissa Jensen
Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali

Age: 6- 12
Pages: 32
Size (WxH): 240 x 164 mm
Full color
Retail price: $8.99


Noah and the First People
Abraham and the People of Faith
Jacob and his Son Joseph
Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt
Moses and God's Calling
Moses Leads His People out of Egypt
Joshua, Leader of Israel
Joshua and the Promised Land
Gideon and the Small Army
Samson and the Time of the Judges
David, God's Chosen King
David and the Kingdom of Israel
Elijah and Jonah, the Great Prophets
Daniel and Esther's Faith
Jesus: Birth of a Savior
Jesus and His Early Ministry
Jesus Teaches His Disciples
Jesus Tells More Stories
Jesus Does Miracles and Heals People
Jesus Heals and Saves Many People
Jesus and the Last Days
Jesus is Risen
Peter and the Apostles Spread the Good News
Paul and His Journeys