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The Wonder Bible Series - 12 volumes

Bedtime Bible stories with little wondering questions for little people.

The answers come alive for little people in these simple retellings of twelve favourite Bible stories. Delightful illustrations and a practical application for each story to a child’s own life make WONDER BOOKS a series to treasure and grow with.

Illustrated by Elaine Garvin
Retold by Pauline Youd

Age: 3-6
Pages: 16
Size (WxH): 120 x 120 mm
Softcover, saddle stitch
Retail price: $0.99

Display with 12x10 books
ISBN: 9788772471914
12 volume set, 10 of each title
Size upright: 290 mm
Display (LxWxH): 390 x 280 x 55 mm
Retail price: US $78.00

Why Did Sarah Laugh?
Why Was Pharaoh Puzzled?
Why Was Gideon Worried?
Why Was Deborah Mad?
Why Did Elijah Hide?
Why Was Andrew Surprised?
Why Was the Shepherd Glad?
Why Was Jeremiah Sad?
Why Did Nehemiah Work so Hard?
Why Was Daniel Scared?
Why Was David Brave?
Why Was Mary Embarrassed?