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The Gift Book Series

A series of 12 inspirational little books with either encouraging Bible verses or quotes of wisdom and insight from around the world.
The books come in a gift bag with a card - a perfect reminder for a special someone to see circumstances from a higher perspective.

By Carol A. Kauffman and Ben Alex

Age: Adults
Size (WxH): 70 x 70 mm
Pages: 64
Full color
Retail price per book: US $4.99

Display with 4x12 books
ISBN: 9788772471129
Size (LxWxH): 395 x 320 x 64 mm
Only display: US $3.50
Display with 48 books: US $219.99

Packet of 4 books, bags and cards
ISBN: 9788772471938
Size (LxWxH): 297 x 199 x 14 mm
Retail price: US $18.99

The Gift of Wisdom
The Gift of Friendship
The Gift of Gratitude
The Gift of Love
The Gift of Prayer
The Gift of Dreams
The Gift of Wonder
The Gift of Family
The Gift of Grace
The Gift of Integrity
The Gift of Peace
The Gift of Solitude