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Heroes of Faith and Courage - 10 volumes

A biography series for 10-14 year-olds that fulfills the demands for positive role models. The Heroes of Faith and Courage series is different because it doesn’t just tell about people and values. It also shows them in a way so that children’s minds grab hold of them and imitate them.

Age: 10-14
Pages: 52
Size: 170 x 250 mm

David Livingstone - The missionary who "discovered" Africa
Francis of Assisi - The man who gave up everything to follow Jesus
Mother Teresa - The woman who served the poorest of the poor
Florence Nightingale - The lady with the lamp in battle
Dietrich Bonhoeffer - The pastor who followed Christ to the cross
Martin Luther King Jr. - The pastor who had a daring dream
St. Augustine - Bishop of Hippo - father of the church
Martin Luther - The German monk who changed the church
Hudson Taylor - The missionary who won a nation by prayer
William Carey - The shoemaker who pioneered modern missions