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Lonely old Geppetto wants a puppet who will be like a son to him. So he creates Pinocchio. The puppet gets into more trouble than most real little boys do. His mischief-making ways land him in all sorts of sticky spots as he dashes from one adventure to the next.

Time and time again those who care for Pinocchio just barely manage to save him from disaster. When the puppet finally learns a lesson about true love, his wish comes true!

Anne de Graaf rewrites this charming story in simpler format, making an outdated text more understandable for today's children. She both preserves and enhances the original, insuring the popularity of Pinocchio for generations to come.

Illustrated by Pierre Ballouhey.

ISBN: 9788772470047A
Age: 4-9
Size (WxH): 165 x 240 mm
Pages: 96
Retail price: US $6.95