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Robinson Crusoe

Shipwrecked on a desert island, Robinson Crusoe must live alone and learn to survive. With nothing but his courage and a few supplies from the ship, he carves a life for himself, a life like no other.

Dressed in goatskins, Robinson builds a home, makes friends with the animals and plants his crops. Then he discovers he is not alone!

The story of how he survives the visit of man-eating tribes is one of the greatest adventures of all time.

Anne de Graaf rewrites this classic story, making outdated text more understandable for today's children. She both preserves and enhances the original, insuring the popularity of Robinson Crusoe for generations to come.

Illustrated by Fran├žois Ruyer.

ISBN: 9788772470078
Age: 4-9
Size (WxH): 165 x 240 mm
Pages: 96
Retail price: US $6.95