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Mama Heidi

Henri Nissen, author of Udfordringen, a Danish Christian newspaper, has written this inspiring book about Heidi Baker, founder of Iris Global in Mozambique.

Africa’s Mother Teresa

Named Africa’s Mother Teresa because of her unrelentless work with thousands of orphaned and abused children in Mozambique, this book offers an insight into the life and ministry of Heidi Baker.

A Great Revival

Originally graduated from London University, Heidi and her husband Rolland are preaching the Word of God in Mozambique, where they are experiencing a great revival. The book seeks to uncover the secret behind this great revival, the reason for all the healings and if we can experience the same in the Western World.

ISBN: 9788771325218
Age: adult
Size (WxH): 165 x 240 mm
Pages: 160
Hardcover with jacket
135 gsm art paper
Retail price: US $19.99