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Noah's Ark: Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries

This book is about the great discovery of what might very well be Noah's ark. A team of Turkish and Chinese explorers found in 2008 a huge wooden construction on top of Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Published in 2010, this is also the most comprehensive book about the whole ark hunt through centuries. It’s a journalistic investigation into the historical traces of the ark and a global flood. It questions the foundation of the theory of Evolution and suggest that the Bible is a historically more reliable document than what most people might think.

Check here: for a video, photos and information about the latest development of Ararat expedition.

Author: Henri Nissen

ISBN: 9788771320886
Age: adult
Size (WxH): 167 x 239 mm
Pages: 320
Hardcover with laminated jacket
Retail price: US $39.99


Editorial Reviews

News release - 17 June 2014. Dutch archaeologist confirms: Remains of wooden structure and pottery found on Mount Ararat, Turkey. To view the release, click here.

New releases of Dr. Joel Klenck on the Ararat site (Paleontological Research Corporation)


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