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Cuddle up with your little one and enjoy time together learning about God’s Word. With fun stories written just for Baby and activities like tickling bellies and singing along with David and his harp, you and Baby will learn that God loves you and cares about you. It’s “You ‘n’ Me” time filled with lots of love, hugs, and kisses.

Text: Guy David Stancliff
Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali

ISBN: 9788771328004
Age: 0-2
Size (W x H): 150 x 175 mm
Pages: 26

Full color
Board book with padded cover

Retail price: USD $14.95

Ready,Set,Find_2booksGet ready to follow Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem in this Ready-Set-Find Christmas story. They are in a hurry! Mary is expecting the baby Jesus and they need your help to find many things along the way.

In the second book, Easter Story, follow along as Jesus enters Jerusalem, eats the Last Supper with His friends, and walks in the garden of Gethsemane. How fast can you spot the small things that He sees along His way?

Let’s see: On your mark, Ready-Set-Find!

Text by Vanessa Carroll.
Illustrations by Sandrine L’Amour.

Size (WxH): 190 x 190 mm
Pages: 12
Full color

Retail price: US $7.99

Animals in the Bible 3DLearning basics skills – along with thankfulness for God’s gifts

Stuffed with first words to learn, colors to get to know and sounds to practice and repeat, these 4 books offers plenty of opportunity to engage the young and eager minds of 0-2 year olds.

Packed in an ingenious gift box, the box gives the child the full experience of receiving a gift.

Illustrations by Paola Migliari.

Size (WxH): 130 x 130 mm
Pages: 12
Full color
Boardbook cover cut flush

Retail price, 4 books + box: US $19.99 Retail price, single book: US $5.99

Made-by-God_4booksWith colorful and catchy illustrations, the ”Made by God” series is a cute and playful way to introduce toddlers to animals. It is a learning-by-doing puzzle book with a soft touch – easy to handle for small fingers.

Size (WxH): 140 x 180 mm
Pages: 10
Full color
Foam books with puzzles

Retail price: US $6.99 


New Testament 2 – Jesus’ Later Ministry

Illustrated by José Pérez Montero.

Age: 5-9
Size (WxH): 208 x 275 mm
Pages: 48

ISBN: 9788771325171
Retail price: US $9.99

ISBN: 9788771325188

Retail price: US $7.99

Gods-Love-4booksDivine promises for everyday circumstances

A collection of God’s promises for you with beautiful paintings to support the Bible verses. Each book is accompanied by a gift bag and a greeting card to serve as the perfect gift for any occasion.

Age: adult
Size (WxH): 140 x 140 mm
Pages: 130
Hardcover with jacket

Retail price: US $12.99








365 stories & prayers 

Get closer to God, one day at a time 

Young children will love the colorful pictures and animated, action-packed stories. The stories, accompanied by child characters, help children establish a natural relationship to praying and reading Scripture. This devotional, with an understandable language and great illustrations, will help them fall in love with the Bible and form a habit of reading and praying. Each story is accurately retold from the Bible, yet written with joy and warmth for young minds and hearts.

Gustavo Mazali is a well-known international illustrator and his illustrated Bibles have been sold in millions around the world.

ISBN: 9788771325201
Age: 4-7
Size (W x H): 155 x 180 mm
Pages: 496 pages + end papers
Full color

Retail price: US $24.99

100 Best Bible Stories








An essential collection of Bible stories now in one book—retold and beautifully illustrated. 

“Noah’s Ark,” “David and Goliath,” and “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” are just a few of the stories included in this exciting collection. The children are sure to be captivated by the colorful and action-packed pictures while being introduced to the main happenings in the Bible. Each story is faithful to the Bible text, yet full of warmth and joy.

Gustavo Mazali is a well-known international illustrator. His illustrated Bibles have been sold in the millions around the world.

ISBN: 9788771326604
Age: 4-7
Size (W x H): 155 x 180 mm
Pages: 152 pages + end papers
Full color

Retail price: US $12.99