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Scandinavia Publishing House specializes in co-production of illustrated children's books, children's Bibles, illustrated Bibles and inspirational and gift books.


Upcoming Book Fairs


Meet Scandinavia Publishing House at these upcoming book fairs:

  • Bologna Book Fair - Italy.  March 26-29 2018.
  • London Book Fair - UK. April 10-12 2018.
  • CBA Unite - Nashville, Tenn. US. July 8-11  2018.

You are very welcome to come meet us at our stand, so we can show you our latest titles.

To book a meeting with us in advance,  please contact Daniel Pedersen: dp(at)



New Releases & Revised Editions


The Devotional Children's Bible 

Now all the best Bible stories rewritten in simple sentences and detailed illustrations.



My First Handy Bible 

Sold in more than 3 million copies!



The Illustrated Bible 

The original Bible text with 550 full-color illustrations.



The Illustrated New Testament 


The full Bible text accompanied by beautiful and authentic illustrations by Spanish artist José Pérez Montero.



The 1000 Sticker Bible Storybook 

More than 1,000 stickers and cute, colorful illustrations.



Kids 6-in-1 Puzzle Bibles 

6 jigsaw puzzles that all fit together creating one giant puzzle that pictures iconic scenes from the Bible. 



Kids' Puzzle Bibles 

Children are taken through stories from both Old and New Testament as they piece the puzzles together.



The Little Children's Bible Storybook 

The Perfect Read-To-Me Bible Storybook!



My Key Verse Bible 

22 great Bible verses to memorize.



The Life of Jesus 

The story of Jesus like you have never seen it before.



Bible Activities for Bright Minds 

An exciting way to introduce preschoolers to well-known Bible stories 



My Ready Set Find Bible 

Get ready to read through 22 of the most famous Bible stories.



Bible Stories for Brave Boys 

With animated and lively illustrations, this Bible story book offers an exciting way for young boys to study the brave and godly men in the Bible. 




Bible Stories for Brave Girls 

With animated and lively illustrations, this Bible story book offers an exciting way for young girls to study the brave and godly women in the Bible.



The Comic Book Bible - NT 3 

Telling God’s story to young people and cartoon lovers.




Bible Detective 

Mini Mike is about to once again embark on a journey back in time to witness some of the most dramatic and exciting events in the Bible. 




Read 'n' Play Baby Bible 

Cuddle up with your little one and enjoy time together learning about God’s Word.




Ready Set Find 

Get ready to follow Noah, David, Mary, Joseph and Jesus, and spot small things along the way!



My Gifts from God 

Learning basics skills – along with thankfulness for God’s gifts




The One Year Bible 

Get closer to God, one day at a time, with 365 Bible stories and prayers.