The Life of Jesus – Graphic Novel

This easy-to-read graphic novel is a must-read fascinating readers by the life of Jesus Christ. “The Life of Jesus” by Scandinavia is a full-to-bursting and fast moving picture Bible book for readers from age 7+ that portrays the birth of a Savior, the death of a King and the resurrection of a God.

By using the captivating and effective comic book format, the scene is effectively set 2000 years back by the detailed pictures that follows the little boy from Bethlehem through to adulthood, his intense crucifixion and finally becoming the hero of all time. All stories are faithfully rendered according to  New Testament accounts.

Key Selling Points

  • Sold in 50.000 copies!
  • The four gospels in one chronological story line
  • Confirmation gift idea:Vivid life-like depiction of classic stories from the New Testament makes it a great for tweens and teens
  • Enthralling artwork draws the reader into the stories
  • Excellent title to ensure a well-assorted port folio
  • Merchandise: roll-up available, ready for translation
Hello publisher of The life of Jesus:

I bought this book in the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin last January. I think the concept of the book is very interesting because it mixes the holy scriptures with the illustrations to a very high quality, and the format is concise and practice.

I’m a religion teacher and your book reflects the life of Jesus with all the most important events of his life. I use your book with my students at the beginning of class in a secondary school near to Barcelona (Spain), and I would like to say thank you for your efforts in producing this excellent book. God bless you!Jorge Bardavío

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Captivating artwork depicting the life story of Jesus Christ

With accurate illustrations created by the bestselling illustrator José Pérez Montero, this new favorite is packed with foundational stories and parables from the Bible, to inspire boys and girls through a solid role-model, Jesus Christ, making it work very well as a present for tweens and teens.

Specifications: Softcover ISBN: 9788771321616 • Hardcover ISBN: 9788771321623 • Age: 7+ • pages: 138 • Size (WxH): 208 x 275 mm • Full color on all pages • Illustrations: José Pérez Montero • Text: Benny Alex • Retail price – softcover: US $12.99 • Retail price – hardcover: US $16.99
List of countries where The Life of Jesus has been sold so far: Brazil, Finland, Hong Kong, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, USA.

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