Follow Jesus Bibles | Boardbooks with handle

Take the books with you whereever you go and follow Jesus

This handy product offers a first introduction to Jesus life and ministry. Written in simple poetry the text will stimulate the phonetic awareness and language development for children.

The book’s die cut handle makes it easy to bring along on a trip or simply to recognize between other books.

Outstanding books with everlasting topics

This product will stand out among the ordinary book formats and emphasizes the LOVE and CARE Jesus showed to people on earth.

In this way two main characteristics of Jesus is introduced in a straightforward and simple way, helping to build up faith and knowledge in children.

Key Selling Points

  • Unique format and handle will appeal to children age 2-4
  • All stories comes with Bible references
  • Easy to translate and inexpensive to purchase – high return on investment
  • Great colors, text and message

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Light books with a strong message

Get a  short and heartfelt introduction to the love and work of Jesus through a 10 (5 in each book) selected happenings in His life and ministry on earth.

This is a great way to show children how hand-on Jesus showed his love and care for people he met.

Let’s Follow Jesus (ISBN 9788772030975)
Let’s Love Like Jesus (ISBN 9788772030968)

Age: 2-4 • Pages: 10 • five spreads • Size (WxH): 175 x 280 mm • Full color on all pages • Illustrations: Gavin Scott • Author: Cecilie Fodor • Glossy Board book with runded corners and punching handle shape on top • Suggested retail price: US $7.99

List of countries where Follow Jesus Bibles has been sold so far:
Canada, Philippines, Poland, Spanish speaking countries, United Kingdom, USA

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