Sparkly Sticker Bibles


Who doesn’t love stickers? Now with sparkly stickers, Bible stories come to life in ways that make the scenes fun and interesting to look at. Sparkly Sticker Bibles introduce some of the most important stories of the Bible in a fun, interactive way. Get ready for loads of fun completing each Bible scene with sparkly stickers! 

Key Selling Points

  • Large books with a high perceived value, even though they are relatively inexpensive to produce.
  • Disposable product will increase sales, as customers need one per person for the family or ministry.
  • Engages children with the sticker activity for every Bible story.
  • Bible references included with every story for further study.

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Sparkly stickers help make Bible stories interesting

The Sparkly Sticker Bibles are packed with glittering stickers and Bible scenes to put them on. Sticker books are some of the most popular activity games in many countries. Now they come with sparkly effects on every sticker─ready to make each scene sparkle!

Sparkly Sticker Bible Storybook, ISBN: 9788772032337
Sparkly Sticker Bible Heroes, ISBN: 9788772032344
Sparkly Sticker Bible Life of Jesus, ISBN: 9788772032351
Sparkly Sticker Bible Friends, ISBN: 9788772034249
Sparkly Sticker Bible God and Me, ISBN: 9788772034256
Sparkly Sticker Bible Wonders, ISBN: 9788772034263

Age 4-7 • Size (WxH): 216 x 280 mm • Pages: 16 + 4 sticker pages • Full color  • Text by Jacob Vium-Olesen • Illustrations by Sandrine L’Amour • Suggested retail price: softcover: US$ 7.99

List of countries where the Sparkly Sticker Bibles have been sold so far:
Angola, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Mozambique, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

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