The Illustrated Bible

Full edition of the Bible. Original Bible text with 650 full-color illustrations. Here are all the great stories God told us in His Word – with moving illustrations that will captivate children and adults alike. This edition is a a great book for families to study and enjoy together.

The nearly 300 stories make the favorite Bible characters spring to life. The stories are in chronological order with Scripture verses listed for every reference.

Key Selling Points

  • Complete Bible text
  • World’s most illustration packed Bible; 650+ illustrations
  • Revenue generating; Big children’s Bible with 1728 pages
  • World-class artwork by bestselling illustrator José Pérez Montero
  • Classic and widely accepted Biblically cor­rect drawings
  • Can be typeset with any Bible translation

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The Illustrated Bible: timeless Bible stories and facinating illustrations

Flipping through a Bible with colorful illustrations, is a completely different experience from a black and white text Bible. The images motivate you to read the text and explain visually what is happening. This can make Bible reading possible for those who are not the best readers or lack the motivation — and can give readers a fresh perspective on the stories they know so well. So far this illustrated Bible is available in two different Bible translations in English: The Contemporary English Version (CEV) and The King James Version (KJV).

ISBN: 9788772030425 (CEV); 9788772031019 (KJV) • Age: 3+ • Pages: 1728 • Size: 145 x 210 mm • Full colour • Illustrations: José Pérez Montero • Hard cover and jacket with gold stamping • Suggested retail price: US $39.99
List of Countries where this title has been sold so far:
Greece, Madagascar, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and USA.

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The Illustrated Bible – Noah’s ark

The Illustrated Bible – Adam and Eve

The Illustrated Bible – Creation

The Illustrated Bible – previous cover

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