My Thank You Bible Storybooks

Playful new series on gratefulness: Four board books with right-side flaps and new-to-the-market illustrations by the color-loving illustrator Gavin Scott.

A fun and very interactive series, that invites reflection by encouraging kids to consider their own world and what matters to them. A clever use of flaps enhances the brilliant switch between Bible stories and corresponding, present-day scenes which add relevant context, so children can relate on a personal level.  

With these flip-the-flap titles, you get high value for your money (big books at a small price). The board material and the padded cover makes the book “buff’, making both the retail and translation work worth the investment.

Key Selling Points

  • Clever use of flaps: the switch between Bibel scene and prayer prompt makes good sense and is very amusing
  • Easy to connect the relevancy of the Biblical story with the personal application in the present day scene.
  • High value product-series
  • Promotes active prayer-life for children
  • Useful in home or group settings (home, schools, libraries, Sunday schools, etc.)

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Excellent four-book approach on popular topics: gratitude and prayer

Brimming with love and faith, this new character-building series focuses on how much we all have to be grateful for and how we develop an attitude of gratitude. 

From four different angles, the series encourages children to build experience in praying on their own by recognizing their worries as well as their many blessings and by realizing that the everyday-situations they care about, are important to God too.

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My Thank You Bible Storybook – Thank You God For All You’ve Made (ISBN 9788772030692)
My Thank You Bible Storybook – Thank You God For Friends And Family (ISBN 9788772030708)
My Thank You Bible Storybook – Thank You God For Protecting Me (ISBN 9788772030715)
My Thank You Bible Storybook  – Thank You God For loving Me (ISBN 9788772030722)

Age: 3-5 • Size (W x H): 178 x 254 mm • Pages: 24 • 9788772030715: • Full color • Illustrations: Gavin Scott • Text: Cecilie Fodor • Padded hardcover • Suggested retail price: US $ 12.99

List of countries where My Thank You Bible Storybooks have been sold so far:
Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Spanish speaking countries, Switzerland, USA.



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