God’s Amazing Plan Bible

God’s Amazing Plan Bible is a retold Bible storybook for tweens—an easy to read introduction to the main message of the Bible: God’s plan to restore and redeem His creation. God’s Amazing Plan Bible seeks to emphasize the ways God works to bring about salvation, from choosing His people and saving them from slavery to establishing them as a nation and finally, at the right time, sending His Son Jesus Christ, the ultimate savior.

Reach and revenue

We try our best—together with you—to reach as many people with the Gospel as we can, while at the same time generating as much revenue as possible, to keep our businesses alive and thriving. This title will do both of these things. It will help us reach the 8-12 year olds in our community with the message of the Bible. Additionally, as a well-written and beautifully illustrated 328-page children’s Bible, it is our experience that God’s Amazing Plan Bible will generate substantial income, from the time of publication and for years to come.

Key Selling Points

  • Important stories from the Bible retold by bestselling author Amy Parker
  • Contains real Bible text, ending each story with key verses from scripture
  • Written in straightforward language—easy to read and understand
  • Illustrations show both popular and rare scenes from the Bible stories

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A stepping stone to understanding God

God’s Amazing Plan Bible is an overview of God’s work in history and a stepping stone to understanding God as a loving Father who never gives up on His fallen creation.

Each story ends with key Bible verses for the reader to reflect on, express the essence of the story itself. These verses, taken as a whole, are like beads on a string, connecting the Bible storybook to the biblical text while also connecting the reader to the main message, theme, or idea of each story, expressed in the Bible’s own words.

Specifications: ISBN 9788772031392 • Age: 8-12 • 328 pages • Size: 148 x 210 mm (portrait) • Full color on all pages • Illustrator: Jacqui Davis • Author: Amy Parker • hardcover • Suggested retail price: US $14.99
List of countries where God’s Amazing Plan Bible has been sold so far:
Brazil, France, Ghana, Indonesia, Pakistan, Spanish speaking countries in South America, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA

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