The Universe

God's Creation - illustrated with amazing pictures

Explore the impressive facts about the universe through more than 160 pages of stunning pictures and text! This title offers a Christian perspective on the divine and powerfull creation of the Universe.

Stuffed with breathtaking pictures of the innumerable stars, planets, comets, and other celestial phenomena, this book introduces some of the most fundamental yet striking facts about Space celebrating the Creator and his glorious, cosmic creation.


  • A Christian perspective on the Universe
  • Fact-based along with praise of the Creator
  • Fascinating images accompanied by a beautiful layout
  • Excellent gift item

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Spectacular coffee table book: The Universe

This massive and incomprehensible matter that takes up immeasurable space outside of our planet Earth, is now presented in a stunningly beautiful coffee table book.

Specifications: ISBN 9788771321135 • Age: Adult • 168 pages • Size (WxH): 260 x 260 mm • Full color • Hardcover • Images: various • Text: Austin Sailsbury • Suggested retail price: US $24.99

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