Our Illustrators

The followings are our illustrators


Ballouhey, Pierre was born in Saint-Marcellin (France) in 1944. He is a designer and illustrator. He studied at the school of Decorative arts in Grenoble and at the School of Fine arts in Paris. During his career, he illustrated many children’s books and cartoon books. He collaborates as a cartoonist with newspapers such as “The Guardian” and “The New-Yorker”.  He teaches cartoon illustration at the Émile Cohl school in Lyons.

Barat, Charly was born in 1957 in Saigon, Vietnam. He lived there only a few years before his family moved to Molsheim, in the East of France. Educated at the School of the Decorative arts in Strasbourg, he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in the region. He illustrated several children’s books (under the name of Charles Barat). He also realized drawings for numerous regional books.He passed away in 2010.

Belli Studio is a well known animation and illustration studio in South America directed by Rubens Belli.

Binder, Eberhard was born in 1924 in Stassfurt, Germany. He was a German graphic artist, illustrator and book creator.  He studied at the master school of the German craft (work art school) in Hildesheim. From 1949 to 1952, he studied at the professional school of applied art in Magdeburg. After his education, he worked as a commercial artist and from 1955 started to be active as a book illustrator and creator. His work encloses approx. 800 book illustrations including numerous children’s books, as well as books of Jules Verne and others. In 2001 Eberhard Binder passed away in Magdeburg. He was married with illustrator Elfriede Binder.


Coroa, Carolina is a brazilian illustrator and digital artist based in Dublin, Ireland, represented by Advocate Arts

Cosimo, Musio is an Italian artist.

Crozat, François was born in 1928 in Givors (France). He studied at the school of Fine Arts in Lyons and received his diploma in 1950. From 1953, he worked as a freelance illustrator in advertising. At the same time, he worked part-time for an advertising agency during 10 years. Progressively, he left advertising for edition. His first illustrated works were primary scientific and documentary. In the 1980s, he started to illustrate children’s books. Since 1994, he has dedicated himself only to the illustration of children’s books. He passed away in 2006.


Davot, François was born in Sainte-Savine (France) in 1948. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Troy. Primary school teacher, he dedicates himself to illustration since 1976.

Desputeaux, Hélène is a teacher, writer and illustrator born in Quebec in 1959. She is a bachelor of visual arts (B.A.V.) (Laval University, 1981) and bachelor of education (B.Ed.) (University of Quebec at Montréal, 1984). She completed one year of a master’s degree in Science education, pre-school and elementary education (University of Quebec at Montréal, 1985). Hélène Desputeaux also has a long and excellent musical training (Canadian Music competitions fellow and prize (piano) from 1969 to 1972). She produced more than a hundred of children’s books since 1983. She is particularly known for her illustrations of “Caillou” from 1989 till 1995.

Diaz-Toledo, Juan Ramon Alonso was born in Madrid in 1951. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. Very soon he started to collaborate as an illustrator and worked as a teacher at the same time.  Since the 1980s, he has realized numerous illustrations for Spanish and foreign publishing houses. His illustrations include very diverse fields. His work as illustrator is characterized by the use of mixed skills in which he uses watercolors and the colored pencil.


Fiorin, Fabiano is an illustrator, painter and graphic artist born in 1964 who lives at the Lido in Venice, Italy. He started his training as an artist by attending courses and working in the studios of several Venetian cartoon-artists and illustrators as a teenager, and started publishing his own cartoons in a monthly magazine when he was 16. He has been selected and participated in several national and international exhibitions including “Il battello a vapore” in Verbania and “Mondo curioso” in Chioggia. Fabiano has major international publishing houses amongst his clients and has won numerous prizes for his work.

Fernández, Daniel is an illustrator for children’s books. He is also art director and creative director. Born in Chile, he currently lives in Germany.


Gao, Hanyu is an illustrator for children’s books and graphic designer. He was born in Kunming, China, in 1976. He started drawing at the age of 5 following his father’s steps. He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Kunming and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Later he studied computer arts at the Design School of Kolding, in Denmark. He lives in France with his wife and two children.

Garvin, Elaine is a designer and illustrator. She creates illustrations for kids books & magazines, greeting cards, paper party goods, paper crafts, giftwrap and decorative housewares. Elaine has illustrated more than twenty children’s books over the past ten years.

Gironi, Tiziana was born, lives and works in Bologna. After her high-school degree, she specialized at the Anatomic Drawing’s Superior School of Medicine and Surgery Course of Bologna University and later she spent some years drawing for publishers specialized in medical and scientific publications. Her water-colours paintings have been selected to be exposed at the Exhibition of Illustrators during the International Children’s Book Fair of Bologna. She is also a naturalistic illustrator. It’s almost twenty years since she started to draw for the Villa Ghigi Foundation (Natural Conservation, Environment Defense and Natural Science Educational Center).


Häntsch, Uwe studied at the art college of Berlin, he lives and works in Berlin. His works include illustrations, typography, CD creation and book creation for the children’s books. He is also a lecturer at the Graphic design school of Anklam, Germany.

Henrichsen, Toril Marö  is a published author and an illustrator of children’s books living in Porsgrunn, Norway.


Imhoff, Ruth was born in Basel, Switzerland where she studied. She is trained as an interior designer and then studied at the school of Fine arts. She worked as a graphic designer in advertising. After a long trip in Latin America, she settled down in the south of France, where she illustrates children’s books.


Jula, Andrea was born in Genova, Italy and has lived in Siena since 1996. He is illustrator, sculptor and painter.


Krome, Mike is a freelance artist from Australia famously known for his vivid and detailed digital illustrations in the comic world. 


L’amour, Sandrine was born in 1977 in Saint Brieuc (France). She studied at the school of Brassart in Tours. Since 2006, she worked as a freelance illustrator for children’s books. 

Lu, Simi is an illustrator for children’s books, graphic designer and college teacher. She was born in 1979, in Weng Shang, China. She currently teaches at the Yunnan Normal University. She also wrote a few professional books on illustration and Photoshop for Chinese university students. She lives in Kunming, China.


Magnin, Florence was born in 1950, in Paris. She studied at the School of Fine arts in Paris. Out of job, Florence got her first job through the National Employment Agency as an illustrator for a theatre. In 1985, she started working for editions, illustrating children’s books and books for adults.

Mazali, Gustavo is a self-taught illustrator of comics and children’s books. He has been drawing since he was a little boy in the 1960s. Gustavo’s first inspiration for his amazing illustrations comes from his own children. As well as his talents at illustrating people and children he is equally skilled at creating wonderful animals.

Moffat Bredvig, Suzanne is educated at the Danish Design School.  She is trained as a clothing designer, but illustration was closest to her heart. She has worked for publishing houses and advertising agencies for the past 15 years making children’s book illustrations, maps, logos, accounts for various magazines, and promotional works.

Molan, Chris is trained as a graphic artist in the ’60’s, then as an illustrator at the University of the West of England, in the mid 70’s. She has become established since that time as a figurative illustrator in international book publishing. Parallel to the professional career runs the more experimental personal work, an ongoing study of landscape and figurative painting through the mediums of watercolour and oils. The exchange of ideas and skills between these two art-forms is pivotal to the developing course of the work. She also teaches painting with young illustrators at the University of the West of England.

Montero, José Pérez is an award-winning illustrator and painter who has illustrated more than seventy children’s books. He started selling his paintings at the age of thirteen, and has studied at the San Fernando and Circulo Schools of Fine Arts in Madrid. His landscape and portrait paintings have hung in numerous exhibitions throughout Spain. During the last thirty years he has drawn illustrations for comics, advertising and textbooks, but he is most known for his illustrations of children’s books which have been published in over forty countries. His work was selected for exhibition at the Society of Illustrators “Illustrator 38” exhibition 1993-1998. He lives in Spain with his wife, two sons and grandchildren. During the 1999 Frankfurt World Book Fair, José Pérez Montero was awarded the East-European Christian Literature Award.


Nobens, Cheryl Ann is a published author and an illustrator of children’s books. She lives in Minneapolis, USA.


Parman, Maria Martha is a published illustrator who was born and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Pauzin, Philippe was born in 1954 in Saint-dove, France. He studied at the School of Fine arts in Lyons. Teaching at the Emile Cohl School (Illustration and animation school) , he also works for the youth press.


Rava, Giuseppe was born in Faenza, Italy in 1963. Since he was a child, he loved history very much, expecially military history. That mainly was due to the stories his father Tommaso told him about his experiences in the World War II. Instead, his passion for uniforms comes from his mother Giovanna, a tailor. Self-taught, he was soon noticed by some publishers and he started with illustrating children’s books. Now he usually works on historical subjects.

Rivet, Evelyne was born in Lyons, France in 1965. She studied at the School of Decorative arts in Strasbourg. She is a published illustrator of children’s books. She also works for advertising.

Romero, Alejandra Barba is an illustrator and graphic designer from Mexico who studied Graphic Design at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Ruano, Alfonso was born in Toledo, Spain, in 1949. He studied painting at the school of Fine Arts in Madrid. Since 1976 he works at Ediciones SM, where he is currently Art Director. He has published around twenty books for children and has been often recognized for his work.

Ruyer, François is an internationally renowned illustrator who has been featured in over 200 children’s books. He was born in Raon l’Étape, France in 1961, and studied at the School of Decorative arts in Strasbourg.

Ryley, David studied computer game development at University of Limerick. He works as a game developer and graphic artist in Ireland.


Scott, Gavin has been a freelance illustrator since 2003 after graduating from The Arts Institute At Bournemouth, with a degree in Natural History Illustration. He lives with his family in Somerset, England, working from his garden studio, illustrating for clients based all over the world.

Sergeant, Hubert is a French painter and illustrator born in 1955. He studied at the School of Fine arts in Amiens then at the national School of the decorative arts in Paris. He taught plastic arts and held a workshop of engravings, pastels and watercolors before creating Artquadra Editions, making art stationery. He opened a showroom on the 5th Avenue, in New York.


Thönissen, Ute was born in 1969 in a small place on the Lower Rhine in Germany. She studied graphic art design and illustration in Dortmund and Hannover and illustrates since 1997 children’s books and plays. She lives with her husband in Hannover.


Utzon, Lin is a qualified art-craftworker and textile designer. Her art is wide-ranging and extends from bone china collections for Rosendahl and Royal Copenhagen, to scenography and costumes for the Royal Danish Ballet, architectural embellishments for Jørn Utzon’s church in Bagsværd and Volvo’s headquarters in Gothenburg, among others. Her poetic style is often inspired by nature and there is a distinct Northern flavour to all her works of art.


Valkema, Liza-Beth was born in 1975 in the Netherlands into a creative family. A the age of 7 she wanted to illustrate children’s books and wrote stories. She studied at the University of Groningen, Netherlands and at the School of Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway. She worked two years at the KunstVerket Galleri, a famous gallery in Oslo, as a consultant and then became a freelance illustrator.
She now lives in the South Walstraat Elburg, Netherlands with her family.

Vogel, Nathaële was born in 1953 in Strasbourg, France. Drawing since she was young, she studied at the School of Fine arts in Tourcoing. After graduated, she started to work for the press for children and for adults. Later, she dedicated herself to the illustration of children’s books. From 1980s, she started writing stories for children.


Zijlstra, Willem was born in 1954. He lived his entire life in Bussum, Netherlands. His training at the Pedagogical Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam made him versatile: he works as an art teacher (part time) and painter/illustrator. His work is a circle with three centers: landscape, still life and model.