God’s Great Plan Storybook Bible

In God’s Great Plan Storybook Bible, we see how God’s plan of SALVATION unfolds. God’s plan was to right what went wrong in the Garden of Eden. This plan would take hundreds of years to bring about and would be the most costly plan in all of history.

Eventually, God sent His own Son to the world to offer the greatest gift of all: Eternal life with Him. This Great Plan is the story written on every page of the Bible itself – and here – retold for children.

Fantastic children’s Bible by bestselling illustrator

God’s Great Plan Storybook Bible presents the Gospel in a straightforward and simple way.
Highlighting the key stories that brought about and played an essential role in bringing salvation to Earth, this book combines captivating illustrations, poetic text and an overview of God’s rescue plan for the youngest readers.

Key Selling Points

  • Classic children’s Bible (these will stay on the market for a long time)
  • Gospel explained in simple words, accompanied by attractive artwork
  • Revenue generating large format book
  • Illustrated by bestselling illustrator, Gustavo Mazali
We are happy to work with Scandinavia Publishing House to publish: God’s Great Plan Storybook Bible. This title is high quality, with text that is well-suited to young children and art that is fun and appealing.Laura Minchew
Thomas Nelson Publishers

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Widescreen Bible stories

With lovingly cute illustrations, this storybook Bible is designed to read as one full story.
It is a great way to introduce children to God’s Great Plan and the love that brought that plan about.

  • Strengthening the phonological awareness skills: The rhyming text will stimulate children’s language development.
  • The large horizontal format gives children an opportunity to immerse themselves in the illustration
Specifications: ISBN 9788772030999 (rhyme ) and 9788772031194 (retold ) • Age 3-5 • 104 pages • Size (WxH): 250 x 223 mm (landscape format) • Full color on all pages • Illustrations by Gustavo Mazali • Text by Cecilie Fodor • Padded hardcover • Suggested retail price: US $16.99
List of countries where God’s Great Plan Storybook Bible has been sold so far:
Cambodia, Denmark, France, Greece, Hongkong, Indonesia, Laos, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Spanish speaking countries, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA (English)

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