Bedtime Bible Stories | Bible for Children

Great Bible stories before tucking in

Apt for sleepy time with a high perceived value, this fresh title meets an essential need for bedtime reading that will resonate with most parents.

Appearing large (almost A4) and with a low retail price, we proudly release this high-value product with 144, richly colored pages of well-flowing, descriptive text and engaging artwork.

Bedtime Bible Stories is compiled specifically to be read aloud to children before they go to sleep. It conveys the Bible message with comfort and hope, which is enhanced by the inspiring cover that encourages children to dream big dreams!

 Key Selling Points

  • High value product: large book with a low retail price.
  • Meets parent’s need for quality bedtime reading
  • Appealing cover that encourages children to dream big dreams
  • Stories specifically designed for bedtime reading
  • Exciting, new illustrator Fabiano Fiorin

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Bedtime Bible stories – Best way for Kids to End the Day!

Bedtime Bible Stories is just the right pick for to young listeners in their in PJs, ready for stories about people used mightily by God to play important roles in society and in the story of faith.
The book is written in just the right length to suit slumber time demand: long enough to sink in, but short enough to meet the child’s attention span before tucking in.

Specifications: ISBN: 9788772030135 • Age: 3-7 • 144 • Size (WxH): 210 x 290 mm • Full color • Padded hardcover • Illustrations: Fabiano Fiorin • Text: Vanessa Carroll •  Editing: Cecilie Fodor and Sherry Brown • Cover: Svetlana Uscumlic • Book layout: Gao Hanyu • Suggested retail price: US $16.99
List of countries where Bedtime Bible Stories has been sold so far:
Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya, Latin America, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.

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