The Bible Illustrated

Full edition of the Bible. Original Bible text with 10 full-color illustration inserts – 8 pages each. This edition is a great book for young people and families to read and study the Bible.

The Bible Illustrated KJV contains:

  • The full Bible text in a contemporary design (this text can be KJV (King James Version), CEV (Contemporary English Version) or any other translation/language, such as French Louis Segind 1910).
  • 10 x 8 full color Illustration pages
  • 16 Bible maps in full color from Old and New  Testament
  • Reader’s help section with God’s promises, what the Bible says about important topics
  • Overview of well known stories in the Bible
  • Tracking chart – reader check list

Key Selling Points

  • Complete Bible text
  • Revenue generating; Big children’s Bible with 1360 pages + 80 color pages
  • World-class artwork by bestselling illustrator José Pérez Montero
  • Classic and widely accepted Biblically cor­rect drawings
  • Can be typeset with any Bible translation

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The Illustrated Bible: timeless Bible stories and facinating illustrations

Flipping through a Bible with colorful illustrations, is a completely different experience from a black and white text Bible. The images motivate you to read the text and explain visually what is happening. This can make Bible reading possible for those who are not the best readers or lack the motivation — and can give readers a fresh perspective on the stories they know so well. So far this illustrated Bible is available in two different Bible translations in English: The Contemporary English Version (CEV) and The King James Version (KJV).

ISBN: 9788772031828 (Softcover); 9788772031835 (hardcover); 9788772031842 (PU leather) • Age: All • Pages: 1440 • Size: 182 x 130 mm • Illustrations: José Pérez Montero • Hard cover and jacket with gold stamping • Suggested retail price: US $19.99 │ $24.99 │ $29.99 
List of Countries where this title has been sold so far:
France, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Philippines, Switzerland, U.S.A., Vietnam.

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What the users say about The Bible Illustrated:

This version is good for me because of the readers’ guide. I have had challenges reading the Bible before, and I think the readers’ guide will improve my bible reading. The visual aspects give a captivating mood while reading it.
– Simon (male)

The Bible Illustrated is refreshingly motivating, and the pictures make it easier to memorize and remember Bible stories.
– Sipatoi (female)

This one with illustrations is better because pictures stick to one’s mind and elevate the Bible reading experience much more.
– Stephen (male)

Maps consolidate all the imaginations we’ve had concerning Israel and all other places marked in the Bible. It’s fun to realize that Israel is the same nation so widely addressed in the Bible; knowing that Cush is in Ethiopia helps connect the reality of the Bible with today.
Pictures create strong imagery and make the Bible more interesting. It’s easier to remember what you see.
The reading plan is essential in Lesson plans, and as for me, I love this Bible.
– Ann (Female)

It’s amazing. And I love this version. It makes the Bible easy to understand, and the pictures demonstrate an excellent representation of the Bible events.
– Vivian (Female)

I appreciate using The Bible Illustrated since it gives one the urge to read it due to such added features like a reading plan and readers guide that guides the reader throughout the process and even the presence of pictures & maps that are eye-catching.
– Glorious (Female)

It’s such a fantastic development, especially for the young people who are visual readers. The pictures help retain concentration, appealing to the eye, therefore, arousing curiosity for one to want to read more.
The readers’ guide is essential in the Bible study journey to guide how to go about, primarily through the reading plan and even make reading time-bound.
– Dinah (Female)

I love The Bible Illustrated because it enhances understanding for visual readers, and pictures attract someone’s interest in reading the Bible. The extra content, unlike text, only promotes understanding.
It will also help in planning which ensures someone creates time to read the Bible systematically.
– Emily (Female)

I appreciate this Bible. It is pretty impressive and motivating. Some of us grasp concepts easily if we can see images and illustrations, unlike text only. The follow up on the reader through the guides, and reading plans is just something I love. I haven’t encountered such a full bible text with such features.
– Joseph (Male)

I love the picture idea- It’s just the best!
– Julie (Female)

Personally, it’s very motivating and enjoyable to read, especially with the pictures.
– Ibrahim (Male)

This Bible- easy to read and understand.
– Cynthia (Female)