Ready, Set, Find! | Seek-and-Find Bible Story Books

When kids open the pages of one of these six fun-filled titles they will instantly try to seek out the all hidden objects, that are waiting to be found on each spread. Illustrated by the skillful Scandinavian artist, Sandrine L’amour, this series with gorgeous visuals encourage kids to look, point and learn new words.

A great format with die-cut tabs for every page help little fingers turn the pages while reading the classic Bible stories, that are simply communicated and suitable for the age group.

Key Selling Points

  • Ready, Set, Find Easter: CBA bestseller (USA) 7 consecutive months
  • Sold 500.000+ copies
  • Employing boardbook with objects to seek and find on each spread
  • Easy-to-understand concept with die-cut tabs for each page
  • Suitable for bilingual typesetting / learning

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On Your Mark… Ready… Get Set… Find!

Can you find…? Get on your mark and get ready to join Noah, David, Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Follow Noah as he builds the Ark, Jonah as he surrendes in the fish, Daniel as he takes on the Lions, David as he sets out to help the Israelite army, Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem or Jesus as He enters Jerusalem with the fresh Ready-Set-Find series from Scandinavia.

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Christmas Story ISBN: 9788771328318
Easter Story ISBN: 9788771328325
Noah’s Ark ISBN: 9788771321289
David & Goliath ISBN: 9788771321296
Jonah & the Big Fish ISBN: 9788772030203
Daniel & the Lions ISBN: 9788772030210
Meet Jesus ISBN: 9788772031286
Adam & Eve ISBN: 9788772031750 ─ NEW
Joseph, Prince of Egypt ISBN: 9788772031767 ─ NEW
Wonders of Jesus ISBN: 9788772031774  ─ NEW

Age: 2-4 • Pages: 12 • Size (WxH): 190 x 190 mm • Full color •  Hardcover • Illustrations: Sandrine L’amour • Text: Vanessa Caroll • Cover design and layout: Isabelle Gao • Suggested retail price: US $7.99

List of countries where Ready, Set, Find! has been sold so far:
Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, all Spanish-speaking countries.


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