About Scandinavia Publishing House

Scandinavia A/S is a publishing house specialized in the creation and coproduction of illustrated children’s books, illustrated Bibles and inspirational books and gift books.

At Scandinavia Publishing House we aim all our efforts towards serving the international wholesale sector, as we work with publishers, ministries, NGOs and distributors around the world to develop illustrated quality books at affordable prices.

We’re all about children’s books and Bibles

Our products appeal to children around the world,  promoting character-building high-quality reading material that overcome barriers of language and culture – as we seek to bring good news to kids all over the world.

Scandinavia A/S was founded in 1973 by Jørgen Vium Olesen.  With headoffices based in Copenhagen, the company started out as a monthly paper, later expanding activities into the lines of posters and eventually books with the introduction of the appropriately titled “In the Beginning” in 1980. From then the bookshelves started to fill in the homes of millions of kids worldwide.

Scandinavia. A new decade. A new CEO

Jacob Vium – CEO

In 2010, Jacob Vium took over Scandinavia Publishing House from his Father. He ensures our continued commitment to expand – and enjoy – global book co-production,  export and partnerships. We now have titles translated into over 100 different languages, and there are definately many more to come!

Take a good look at all our titles and find your next bestseller!