Bible Stories for Little Ones

Noah’s Ark for Little Ones and Jesus Cares for Little Ones are two books in the series Bible Stories for Little Ones. Noah’s Ark for Little Ones is a retelling of the famous and all-time favorite story of Noah’s ark and the promise God gave Noah and his descendants. Jesus Cares for Little Ones is comprised of five short stories, all centering on the theme of how Jesus showed His love and care—especially for children.

Easy to publish

The difficult work of measuring the die-cuts and testing material for these books has already been done, so now they are easy to edit/translate and publish as your own.

The books each have a die-cut handle, ideal for 2-4 year olds, who will be happy to take this new favorite book with them everywhere.

Key Selling Points

  • With fewer than 150 words per book, these two freshly developed titles can become a quick and inexpensive addition to your list of products.
  • The text is short and concise, and the illustrations are full of fun and heartwarming figures with quirky, sweet, and playful details.
  • The tabs, seen from the front and the back of the book, each play a role in one of the stories. They also act as an appetizer for curious minds wanting to see what the next story is about.

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Bible stories for little ones

Little ones need clear, concise text in order to stay concentrated and understand the message. Therefore, we have captured the very essence of each Bible story and told it in easy to understand language. To spike children’s interest, we have added a die-cut handle and shaped tabs on the pages—each of them unique.

Specifications: ISBN: 9788772031408 (Jesus Cares for Little Ones), 9788772031415 (Noah’s Ark for Little Ones) • Age: 2-4 • 10 pages • Size (WxH): 155 x 230 mm • Full color • Board book with rounded corners and die-cut tabs and handle on top • Illustrations: Gavin Scott • Text: Karoline Pahus Pedersen •  Cover and book layout: Gao Hanyu • Suggested retail price: US $9.99
List of countries where Bible Stories for Little Ones has been sold so far:
Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Pakistan, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA

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