You ‘n’ Me Baby Bible

Parents can cuddle up with their little one and enjoy time together learning God’s Word. Here’s a book that makes reading the all time favorite Bible stories to little ones straightforward and fun at the same time. Filled with small tasks for parents and Baby, the essence of God’s Word is made clear in a simple way.

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The first Baby Bible from Scandinavia!

Parents will read the story of David, Joseph, Moses, and many others and hug, kiss, and tickle their Baby along the way.
When God makes it rain, “rainy fingers” fall on Baby’s head and tummy – tickle – tickle – laughs! Oh! – Joseph and Mary can’t find Jesus and Mommy can’t find Baby, but “peek-a-boo there you are!” They will sing along with David on their favorite tune or pray silently like a whisper to God like Hannah.

Key selling points

  • Sold 85.000+ copies and counting…
  • Warm and cute illustrations by bestselling artist, filled with little people. Children relate well to Bible characters that are drawn like small children.
  • The simple sentences are perfect to hold little children’s attention.
  • Activities help babies remember each story and message, and enhance your interaction with your little one.

Specifications: ISBN 9788772038004 • Age: 0-2 • Pages: 66 • Size (WxH): 150 x 175 mm • Full color board book  with padded cover and rounded corners • Illustrator: Gustavo Mazali • Author: Guy David Stancliff • Suggested retail price: US $14.99
List of Countries where You ‘n’ Me Baby Bible has been sold so far:
Brazil, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, China, Taiwan, Canada, Norway, USA and United Kingdom.

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