My First Memory Verse Bible

Bible verses to memorize for small children

This new title is helpful for adults teaching preschoolers to memorize passages from Scripture. Structured around 22 essential, short Bible verses, the book explains their meaning in a biblical context and uses effective prompts to encourage repetition.

The colorful illustrations made by Sandrine L’amour are a delight for the eye and oozes of happiness. To further increaes the perceived value the book is fittet with handle and lock

This title is sure to stand out on the shelf and is an obvious carry-a-long for the child.

Key Selling Points

  • Concept enables kids to rote learn Bible verses (learning through repetition)
  • Well known Bible stories helps the child understand meaning of the verse.
  • God to know for adults: List of helpful tips on memory techniques included.
  • Using real Bible text
  • Perceived value is increased with handle and lock – which also makes it stand out on the shelves
  • Popular concept that is easy to adapt and/or translate using any Bible translation
We are happy to work with Scandinavia Publishing House to publish: My First Memory Verse Bible. This title is high quality, with text that is well-suited to young children and art that is fun and appealing.Laura Minchew
Thomas Nelson Publishers

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My First Memory Verse Bible

Rote learning Bible verses establishes truth in our hearts and helps us – both young and old – to become better decision makers. But to achieves this the basic underlying concepts and principles must be is understood. This is why we put great emphasis on explaining the memory verse in an easy-to-understand, Biblical context: to ensure the actual wording as well as the meaning can later be recalled.

Pictures, Bibles verses, explanatory texts and the rhyming prompt are all helpful hooks the child’s brain can use to save the verse, making it easier for the child to absorb the meaning and let it settle within.

To encourage repetition during the reading session a manageable rhyme is introduced by cute animal narrators. 

An animal character from each story helps the kids remember to repeat the verse.


List of countries where My First Memory Verse Bible has been sold so far:
Brazil, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, USA.

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Specifications: ISBN 9788772030807 • Age: 3-5 • Pages: 48 • Size (WxH): 150 x 175 mm • Full color board book  with padded cover and rounded corners • Illustrator: Sandrine L’amour • Text: Jacob Vium-Olesen • Cover design & layout by: Gao Hanyu • Suggested retail price: US $14.99


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