My Bath Bible

Time for Bible stories and bubbles!

My Bath Bible is made of soft waterproof material, perfect bringing into the tub.
In an effort to engage young children, these Bible stories are boiled down to simple questions and a single point from each passage.
Each story comes with a scripture reference to the place in the Bible where the full story can be found.
Together with cheerful illustrations, these stories will give children a quick boost of faith and hope while playing in the bubbles at bath time.

Quick ROI

This fun and colorful book will add something a little different to any book list.
With a low unit price and easy translation, My Bath Bible will return the investment quickly.

Key Selling Points

  • Easy-to-understand concept – makes it easy to know when and where to use My Bath Bible.
  • Cute illustrations made for toddlers
  • Great gift item
  • Fast ROI – With a low unit price and easy translation, My Bath Bible will have a fast return on investment.

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Now bath-time is Bible-time

My Bath Bible gives every child a new way to enjoy the bath time with light Bible stories and quality time with parents.
The text in these stories leads to important questions about who made us, gratefulness, happiness, courage, salvation, and love.

My Bath Bible can handle everything from water and mud to biting and tearing, so bring it everywhere!

Specifications: ISBN 9788772031231 • Age: 0-3 • 8 pages (4 leaves) • Size (WxH): 180 x 150 mm (landscape) • Full color on all pages • Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali • Author: Cecilie Fodor • Bath book (white EVA + 4 mm polyester foam) • Suggested retail price: US $7.99
List of countries where My Bath Bible has been sold so far:
Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA

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