Children in the Bible

Bible Stories about kids - written for kids

The Children in the Bible series is a well-written and delightfully illustrated character building series for kids age 3 and up. The series appeals to children in portraying Bible stories from a child’s point of view by introducing readers to the childhood of famous Bible-characters like Moses, Isaac and Jesus.

A special end-of-chapter focus on solid values teaches children the importance of determination, generosity, compassion and how these values apply to us all.

The 10 books are also combined in a one volume edition. This version with glossy paper that makes the colors really good and padded cover to improve the feel of the book, has proven to be a bestseller.

Key Selling Points

  • Great angle on Bible Stories that is super relevant and accessible for kids. 
  • Strong color drawings these are popular with this specific age group.
  • Available in 1 single volume or 10 volumes with slipcase 


Stories from the Bible about children – retold for children.

This is a good concept! Kids are preoccupied with other kids, making the angle of this book particular welcoming for kids.  The cherrished stories about well-known Bible characters that knew God at a tender age, will inspire and build dreams in the hearts of young listeners. And with this title in thier hands, adults can make sure the kids in thier world know them and pass on some important lessons that can be learned form the lives of these children from Bible!

  • Special end-of-chapter focus on strong values
  • Easy text based on the Bible
  • Simple drawings that is suited for age 3-6

List of books and values contained in the series:

Isaac (Trust) • Miriam (Intelligence) • Moses (Determination) • Samuel (Devotion) • David (Courage) • Servant Girl (Compassion) • Josiah (Loyalty) • Jesus as a Boy (Wisdom) • The Boy with Bread and Fish (Generosity) • The Children and Jesus (Love)


1 volume edition
Hardcover (ISBN: 9788772478081) • Pages: 192 • Size (WxH): 205 x 245 mm • Full color, padded hardcover • Suggested retail price: US $18.99

Slipcase with 10 books
Hardcover (ISBN: 9788772473291) • Pages per book: 20 • Size (WxH): 206 x 127 x 253 mm • Price of slipcase: US $0.75 • Retail price for 10 books with free slipcase: US $89.99

Age: 3+ • Full color, padded hardcover • Illustrations: Belli Studio • Text: Christina Marques 



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