5 tips for better advertisement

When building your advertisement ad, e-mail or message in any format, these 5 tips might help you reach your audience better.


  1. One Main Message. A chinese proverb goes: “A man who chases two rabbits catches none”. Likewise, try to have only one message in each marketing effort, to ensure that you get just that.
  2. Distinction. We are all busy, so to stop us in our tracks it takes something extra. The approach much be distinctive in order to stand out and get some attention.
  3. Catching headline. Your headline or subject must make you want to read more.
  4. Focus on “them”. No one cares about what you offer unless it’s relevant for them. Don’t spend 99% of your message on what you have. Instead turn it around and angel it so that the prospect feels like they are the center. Explain more about why they should reach / buy than what they get. Unfold a story that tells the prospect the benefits they get.
  5. Call to action. Do not forget to emphasize what it is you want the reader to do. The more clear and simple the better. This should be 100% aligned with the “one message” mentioned above.