My First Storybook Bible

Come on a life-changing journey through the Bible. My First Storybook Bible is tailored for kids age 2-4 but can be read by anyone to discover or rediscover key messages from the Bible.

Sow seeds of faith in your little ones, so that they can grow up with a good knowledge of the Bible and a strong relationship with God.

Sowing faith and hope

These drawings by Sandrine L’Amour are very popular around the world. With vivid colors and a cute style, she illustrates Biblical stories in a respectful and delightful way.

This new Bible has the ideal balance between cost and perceived value. With a relatively large format, padded cover, and thick paper, we get a good, solid book that feels like a Bible. With its 176 pages, we get a cost-efficient product as well. Printed on matt art paper, we get the strong colors of coated paper and a great paper feel.

Key Selling Points

    • Well-known Bible stories with Bible references, that contain great life lessons
    • This large children’s Bible can carry a high retail price and is therefore revenue generating.
    • Cute and engaging child characters that appeal to kids
    • Kid-friendly text based on the Bible
    • Good gift item.
    • Suitable for night-time reading, story time, Sunday school etc.
    • Suitable for missions and organizations that use books in the ministry.

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Quality story-time

My First Stortbook Bible contains 29 of the most well-known Bible stories, told in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Each story is illustrated with cute and colorful scenes from the Bible.

Get to know the Bible with these 29 Bible stories. My First Storybook Bible contains stories of different lengths, so there are some for every situation, whether it’s for Sunday school, nighttime reading, or quality story time with parents.

Specifications: ISBN 9788772031262 • Age: 2-4 • 176 pages • Size (WxH): 155 x 210 mm (portrait) • Full color on all pages • Illustrator: Sandrine L’Amour • Author: Karoline Pedersen • hardcover with foam • Suggested retail price: US $ 14.99
List of countries where My First Storybook Bible has been sold so far:
Brazil, France, Ghana, Indonesia, Philippines, Spanish speaking countries, Togo, United Kingdom, USA

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