My Toddler Bible

Here are timeless Bible stories retold for very young readers. Rich colorful illustrations and simple text that is faithful to the Bible make this perfect for children aged 1-3.
Toddlers will love the built-in handle that will let them carry their very own Bible with them everywhere!

A fresh spin on a proven format

We put together a cost-effective Bible for toddlers age 1-3, to bring you a fresh bestseller, ready for you to make your own and publish.
These chunky board books with handles are selling very well in the close to 100 countries where we have distributed them.

Key Selling Points

  • High value for money
  • Plastic handle adds to customer interest and perceived value.
  • Utilizes a proven format that has outperformed similar books and sold millions of copies worldwide.
  • New illustrator provides cute artwork with vibrant colors, perfectly suited for the age group.

Our bestseller My First Handy Bible has 64 pages and a smaller format than My Toddler Bible. With a bigger size and 32 pages, we hit a sweet spot in terms of high perceived value and low production cost. Jacob Vium
CEO, Scandinavia

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It’s Bible story time!

My Toddler Bible falls into the category we refer to as A-Z Bibles. This means that it has a good number of stories from both the Old and New Testament, providing a good Bible overview. It also means that we are not sugar-coating the Bible stories by removing everything bad. We stay true to the Bible, but try to make it understandable for toddlers, who need to understand that God loves them and cares for them.
These two things make My Toddler Bible useful in families and institutions/missions and as gifts. The product is versatile and that improves sales.

Everything from format and durability to text and images are tailored for the kids age 1-3.

Specifications: ISBN 9788772032115 • Age: 1-3 • 32 pages • Size (WxH): 150 x 150 mm • Full color on all pages • Illustrations by Jennifer Davison • Text by Cecilie Fodor • Padded boardbook with handle • Suggested retail price: US $12.99
List of countries where My Toddler Bible has been sold so far:
France, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Spanish speaking countries, USA, Zimbabwe.

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