Famous People of the Bible

Small Colorful Bible Books

A series for children ages 2-5 that tells the story of some of the best-known people from the Bible. With simple words and colorful illustrations, these card board books show the youngest children why these timeless biblical characters are indeed famous.

This product comes in 24 separate books or one combined volume.

Famous People of the Bible:

With the right price and store placement, the small books in display sell like hot cakes as impulsive parents (or grandparents) will pick them up for their children (or grandchildren). Although the books can be purchased without the display, the display helps present the series in a very nice way. Also, the display makes it easier for the publisher or wholesaler to stock and distribute the 24 books.

The combined volume, with its 392 pages, falls into the Children’s Bible Story category that is always popular and sought after by a variety of customers that use Children’s Bibles at home, work, or church.


Noah and the Great Flood – ISBN 9788772470023
Abraham Obeys God – ISBN 9788772472911
Jacob Returns Home- ISBN 9788772473079
Joseph Becomes a Ruler- ISBN 9788772473109
Moses Leads His People- ISBN 9788772473697
Joshua and the Walls of Jericho- ISBN 9788772477893
Gideon and the Small Army- ISBN 9788772473727
Ruth Takes Care of Naomi- ISBN 9788772473764
Hannah Prays to God- ISBN 9788772474052
Samuel Hears God’s Voice- ISBN 9788772474199
David Fights Goliath- ISBN 9788772474229
Solomon The Wise King- ISBN 9788772474366
Elijah and the Jar of Oil- ISBN 9788772475349
Esther Saves Her People- ISBN 9788772476018
Daniel in the Lion’s Den- ISBN 9788772474229
Jonah and the Whale- ISBN 9788772476292
Mary Mother of a King- ISBN 9788772476322
Jesus The Son of God- ISBN 9788772476469
John the Baptist Prepares the Way for the Lord- ISBN 9788772476636
Mary Magdalene A Woman Who Loved Jesus- ISBN 9788772476940
Zacchaeus Meets Jesus and Repents- ISBN 9788772477275
Martha and Her Sister Mary- ISBN 9788772477305
Peter Walks on Water- ISBN 9788772477589
Paul Preaches God’s Word- ISBN 9788772477756

Single books •  Age: 2-5 • Size (WxH): 80 x 100 mm • Pages: 12 • Full color • Cover 150 gsm, greyback • Suggested retail price: US $1.99

Display with 24×2 books • Size (LxWxH): 370 x 340 x 45 mm •   Suggested retail price: US $93.99

1 combined volume •  ISBN: 9788772471174 • Size: 185 x 150 mm • Pages: 392 • Foam-padded hardcover • Retail price: US $18.99


List of Countries where Famous People of the Bible has been sold so far:
Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom, and USA.

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