A Special Christmas and A Special Easter

A Special Christmas and A Special Easter are two board books die-cut into unique shapes. Endearing illustrations and heart-felt stories define these two titles.

Outstanding books that stand out

To help create interest, these books are cut in a shape that matches the content. This makes them stand out from most other books—and makes them fun to hold.

Key Selling Points

  • Well-knownBible stories told in a new format
  • With small word counts, these two freshly-developed titles can become a quick and inexpensiveaddition to your list of products.
  • Cute and colorful illustrations
  • Kid-friendly textbased on the Bible
  • Bigger formatprovides a high perceived value, and therefore a potentially higher retail price. This, combined with a lower page count, allows for cost efficient prices.

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Special books for special kids to read in a special season

The theme of these books is “being special.” Not only are the seasons of Christmas and Easter special times of year, but the characters in the stories discover how they are special—which helps kids to learn the same about themselves.

Specifications: ISBN: 9788772031668 (A Special Christmas), 9788772031675 (A Special Easter) • Age: 2-4 • 10 pages • Size (WxH): 175 x 280 mm • Full color • Board book with rounded corners and die-cut shape • Illustrations: Jennifer Davison • Text: Cecilie Fodor • Cover and book layout: Gao Hanyu • Suggested retail price: US $9.99
List of countries where A Special Christmas and A Special Easter have been sold so far:
Switzerland, USA.

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