Can You Find Me in the Bible?


Fun seek-and-find book with 12 story scenes from the Old and New Testaments. In a fun twist, you’re not only looking for important objects in the scenes, but also misplaced people!

Easy to publish

The content is made and now, you can publish it in your country, easily. Edit the text on these 12 story spreads to fit your market and you have a brand new, colorful and fun seek-and-find book to publish.

Key Selling Points

  • Fun new I-spy-with-my-little-eye concept.
  • Colorful and entertaining.
  • Easy to translate.
  • Good value for money – inexpensive as co-edition, yet high possible retail price.

New twist on seek-and-find

While introducing children to some of the most well-known Bible stories and characters, it also has a twist: the narrator of each story is in fact a famous person from a different Bible story.

“Well, this is weird… Not only am I wet and smelly, but I also ended up in the wrong story.
Many of my other friends from the Bible look like they did, too.

I am Jonah, by the way. Nice to meet you.

In this book, your job is to find the person who does not belong in the story. While you’re at it, could you help us find the other missing things in each scene?

Thanks, you’re the best!”

Specifications: ISBN 9788772032900 • Age: 5-9 • 32 pages • Size (WxH): 216 x 280 mm (portrait) • Full color on all pages • Illustrator: Mario Gushiken • Author: Andrew Newton • hardcover • Suggested retail price: US $9.99
List of countries where Can You Find Me in the Bible? has been sold so far: Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA.

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