Little Children’s Bible Books

24 volumes with great Bible stories retold for pre-schoolers

The 24 best stories of the Bible retold for pre-schoolers in 24 volumes. Forty pages of learning and fun – including two four-page jumbo fold-outs!

The Little Children’s Bible Books series contains the most cherished stories of the Bible, from God making the World to God’s promise of a new world. Short sentences, little words, simple details, and a humorous and engaging style make this a very special Bible book series for preschoolers.

Children will love the colorful illustrations by best-selling illustrator José Pérez Montero and will be captivated by the stories retold by award-winning writer Anne de Graaf

Key Selling Points

• Sold 465.000+ copies
Illustrated by best-selling illustrator Jose Perez Montero
Retold by award-winning author Anne de Graaf
• Age-appropriate and faithful to the original Scriptures
• Covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
Jumbo fold-outs in each Book

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Little Children’s Bible Books

Read about Jesus, Samson, Peter, Paul, and many others while also learning about our beloved, festive holidays like Easter and Christmas throughout the total 448 pages of humoristic and detailed drawings by the always excellent José Pérez Montero.

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Specifications: Age: 3-7 • 4 pages • 24 volumes • Size (WxH): 155 x 180 mm • Full color • Hardcover • Illustrations: José Pérez Montero • Text: Anna de Graaf • Suggested retail price: US $5.99

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Little Children's Bible Books